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Kirsten Laken with her loving and handsome Husband, Garey

Kirsten and Garey Laken

Kirsten Laken

Working in my glass studio in the Dandenong Ranges, I express my passion for glass by working the many techniques available to the medium, both modern and traditional. From classic to contemporary – windows and wall art, jewellery, chandeliers, bowls, platters and trophies.

I create windows to order, taking commissions for churches, architects and homes.
Each design and pattern is specifically made to the client request, making each piece individually tailored and unique.

My art embodies many forms of sculptural glass, encompassing the organic and liquid nature of this exquisite medium – from kiln formed, to hand painted, stained glass pieces.

I have a wide and versatile range of designs, techniques and mediums with which I display the versatility of glass.

I love to create works which are unique, trapping organic matter within kiln-fired glass and using found or recycled materials. I need my pieces need to be pleasing to the eye, balanced, original as well as distinct.

I run classes in all above mentioned techniques, from my studio in the Dandenong Ranges, showcasing and distributing my Glass Art and Jewellery throughout Australia.